Yellow: A Review

“Sometimes, forever is only 163 days”

LadyInk opens her body of work with an admission that many of us are still too afraid to make; you can fall in love in a matter of days, weeks; there is no rational timeline to which feelings belong.

When Yellow first came on my radar, I was excited and didn’t know what to expect all at once. Dear Reader, I was not disappointed.

I could feel the caterpillars morphing into butterflies.

LadyInk writes a story we know all too well, a story many of us have lived, a story of a love doomed to fail from the start. Everyone else can see it, well…everyone except the wide eyed lover determined to make it work because it feels right, because they have never known a love as intense.

Our poet chronicles the 163 days in vignettes that are only about two sentences long, but perfectly capture the world around her. The initial giddiness of new love, the euphoria, the joy, the uncertainty, the reassurance, the doubt, the desperation, the compromise, and finally, the resignation.

Our lover falls hard, and fast…but the other person just isn’t ready. Sound familiar?

The closer we get to (Day) 30, the more I feel like this was your free trial. Your fingers itching to hit Unsubscribe.

On each day, you are carried through this modern, millennial love story complete with text-message dread, and the cold shock that your lover still hasn’t changed your name in their phone! We’ve all been there; that slight twinge of defeat when you realise that you’re not as special as you thought you were to this person. The feeling of being caught in a limbo so bad that you don’t even know whether it’s appropriate to reach out to them. The exhaustion that eats away at you because you know that you can’t express yourself for fear of being labelled irrational, dramatic, or entitled.

I got food poisoning. You called me dramatic.

The reader sees the red flags as we’re carried along on this journey; maybe it could be that our narrator is unreliable, or maybe it’s because this is behaviour that we too have witnessed, experienced, or displayed in our not so distant pasts. But, like watching a train wreck, we just can’t look away.

Perhaps the most beautiful part of this already lovely piece of work is that our poet harbours no resentment towards a character that clearly hurt her. She even thanks them in her acknowledgements. Dear Reader, I must a bitter human because I would never play those games. But, she shows grace and dignity, even in moments where we’re screaming at the pages; “sis… KEY THEIR CAR!”

Yellow is refreshing, and in the tradition of brevity in poetry which I love, it takes all of 20 minutes to read cover to cover.

In conclusion, I loved this chapbook so much that I had to write this review at 6 in the morning.

What went through my head as I read? “This is so beautiful…. Please may I never fall in love like this.”

You can download a FREE copy of Yellow: 163 Days here.



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